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Peugeot RCZ-R FULL REVIEW test driven 270 hp 2016 - Autogefühl

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Compare New Peugeot 308 GTi review: Thomas Majchrzak of Autogefühl shows you the Peugeot RCZ-R, the top Peugeot serial ...

Peugeot 208 2015 review - Car Keys

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Read the full review on the Peugeot 208 here: ...

Peugeot 208 2015 facelift (ENG) - Test Drive and Review

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Peugeot 208 debuted in 2012, and it was recently given a facelift. Peugeot 208 was the model to showcase Peugeot's new cockpit design with a small steering ...

Peugeot 2008 Review - Inside Lane

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This is the Peugeot 2008 crossover and it goes up against rivals such as the Citroen Cactus and Ford EcoSport. Our test car is powered by a new 110bhp 1.2 ...

Peugeot 2008 2016 In detail review walkaround Interior Exterior

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Hello to MotorCarTube and a new car check. Today we present the 2016 Peugeot 2008, enjoy the detail view in the interior and exterior. Thanks for view!

Peugeot 208 2016 In Depth Review Interior Exterior

292 views 0 comments

Hello and welcome to Alaatin61 ! YouTube's collection of automotive variety! In today's video, we'll take an up close and in depth look at the New 2016 Peugeot ...

2016 Peugeot 308 GT In Depth Review Interior Exterior

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Hello and welcome to Alaatin61 ! YouTube's collection of automotive variety! In today's video, we'll take a look at the New 2016 Peugeot 308 GT. This version ...

2016 Peugeot 308 GTI Review - Inside Lane

459 views 0 comments

The 2016 Peugeot 308 GTI by Peugeot Sport is finally here and it comes in two variations, 250HP or 270HP. We road tested the the 2016 Peugeot 308 GTI 270 ...
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  • Peugeot 208 1.6 BlueHDi

    Most Fuel Efficient Cars

    When it coming to buying a new car, the fuel economy is a main priority of the customer. There are a range of economical cars on the market right now, with some doing better than others, especially hybrids. MPG stands for miles per gallon and from just one figure, you’re able to check to see […]

  • Peugeot 3008 VS Nissan Qashqai

    Peugeot 3008 VS Nissan Qashqai

    Both Peugeot and Nissan are capable of producing best-sellers, an appeal to families more than other car manufacturers. The Nissan Qashqai was introduced in 2007 and became a hit, as they sold more than a million units worldwide by 2011. Unfortunately, the Peugeot 3008 didn’t see the same level of success when it arrived in […]

  • PEUGEOT 107


    107 The City Rider Pros – Fresh and funky good looks – Easy to manoeuvre – Frugal engine Cons – Low quality plastics – Unsupportive seating – Refinement is flawed Design The Peugeot 107 is at the lower spectrum of the scale when it comes to the entire Peugeot range. This does not mean it’s […]

  • Peugeot 208

    Peugeot 208: Review : personal car leasing, lease cars (ZERO)

    Peugeot are known for making reliable and good all-rounders which offer a good enough drive, nice interior, generous amount of comfort and much more. Personal car leasing is available for the Peugeot 208 as it makes an ideal everyday car. Performance & Drive The Peugeot 208 offers a good range of petrol and diesel engines in […]

  • Peugeot RCZ

    Peugeot RCZ

    More than just a concept car which has become a reality, the Peugeot RCZ marks a new chapter in the history of Peugeot “lifestyle vehicles”. Its expressive and innovative styling, its luxurious interior, its efficient and environmentally- friendly engines and the driving enjoyment they create will project the Marque into a future which promises to […]

  • Peugeot-308_CC-2009

    Peugeot 308 CC

    As the pioneer of “folding roof cars” with its elegant 401, 601 and 402 “Eclipse” models from the 1930s, Peugeot has never lost its desire to give motorists the freedom to drive in either the coupé or cabriolet configuration through the “magic” of a rigid roof that folds into the boot. It’s now almost a […]